Becca, Becca. Not only were you a great roommate, you were also a great friend. Never will I forget the start to every morning which was listening to music. Hopefully I didn’t annoy you at any moment. Singing along to most of the songs as we prepared to sail on out to “journalism camp” as you called it. You never complained about my actions wether it was seeing me dive into my bed and breaking my glasses to our deep conversations about boys. I loved how similar we were. We were two young girls on the search for adventures while acting like party animals or avatar dear galloping in the hall ways of Taylor Place. ” Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on once more you open the door and you’re here in my heart” -the titanic. Let me just tell you that overall your an amazing, funny girl that any guy will feel honored to date someone like you. Never did I think that coming to the Summer Journalism Institue 2012 will give me any type of friendships but I was wrong! I leave Phoenix Arizona with great friendships and a beast friend that loves to giggle alet tell each other dirty pick up lines that we will use at the club! Rebecca Smouse thanks for being part of my experience. Forever my roommate at heart. I know that we will keep in contact and hear of each other!! Enjoy life and keep me updated:)

My beloved Roomate.


The last day to the end of the chapter. Bitter sweet. Hopefully no tears run down my cheeks. I have realized that these people are the future of journalism. We leave cronkite with new friendships and life leading experiences. I would love to add more to this blog but I just can’t because it breaks my heart to realize that no longer will I see these people. This is for SJI 2012!!!! This was my highlight to my summer.

Last Night:(

The Future.

     We all came to the Summer Journalism  Institute with some or no experience in broadcast journalism. On June 15th we leave our legacy behind for others to learn from our experience at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and mass communications. Once we leave Taylor Place step by step towards our home towns we remind our selves of the adventures one must live  to be considerd a true SJI participant and journalist on the prowl. From localizing news stories to interviewing weirdos on the streets of Phoenix Arizona. My Broadcast classmates and I have learned the correct ways of journalism. This program has taught me that being away from home isn’t as easy as mentioning it. That right there was my point of view till I lived it. I was very wrong! The journey has not ended for any of us but has just begun.

Radio Time.

   News team 4 at SJI gathered national, local, weather and sports news to produce our very own 3 minute radio show updates. The two anchors where Alexandra Dersch and I. Weather was Kimberly David. Sports were told by Joe Jacquez. Preparation was the first thing on the check list which was put together by the GREAT Becca Smouse the producer. Staying up late to finish off the script was a pain in the butt. Nevertheless it was completed and sent to Brain Snyder on time. There was stress here and there but eventually faded away at the end of the day. At 7:30 p.m. on June 13th it was time for news team 4 to blow the speakers off your radio on 1330 the Blaze. As we walked calmly into the radio our hearts were pounding of excitement. The room was astonishing because of how professional it looked. Making me feel like a professional radio personality. We we assigned our designated seat then it was time for rehearsal. We all put on the headphones and began to hear the sound waves of our voices into each others ears. I was to open up the show by saying “Good evening everyone this is Gabriela Martinez…..” I might have stuttered quite a bit but i did okay for my first time. Actually my whole team did an awesome job! You never know if you’ll be hearing from one of us through you favorite station.

Doing GREAT in Audio Say WHAT!

 Going into the second week of the Summer Journalism Institute was a success for me, I can now say. Today on Tuesday June 11th I was challenged to work the audio board. My fingers were freezing cold like if I were in the arctic. My toes were on the search for warmth but was never found. My nerves had taken control of my entire body making me feel weak in my outer shell. As I heard screams from the control room I told myself ” Do a good job, do a god job. Feel like a DJ in the club!” Though DJ’s and audio directors have their differences. They also have similarities. Switching from one mic to another reminded me of  spinning tracks in the club. It was a very interesting way of learning a new position in the control room that i have never done. I did great and I loved it. Besides messing up here and there.



All complete!

The moment when Brian Snyder tells you that your editing skills are great! Though editing is like second nature for me, editing Walter Cronkite style was not. Day one Kaly Nasiff and I went to video tape the event “Food Truck Friday”. We got three interviews and lots of b-roll for our video package. When we arrived back that evening on friday June 8th, we faced the difficulty of the…. script. I had never ever experienced those moments in my life. I could have considered myself a lost dog! Yes I was beginning to stress out and grow white hairs but I was not to allow that! So like usual I laughed it off. Nevertheless we finally wrote the script. The following week I was on my own. I knew that editing would come easy but was having trouble with the voice over. Capturing my audience with my voice was pretty hard. My first take my voice was boring yet to fake. Second take the same thing occurred. Giving up was my only option. Lina Washington stepped in and showed me the correct  way. Making my voice seem natural but captivating. After recording myself for about 10 minutes I finally got it! Even Brain liked it. I was so proud of myself. Editing Walter Cronkite style opened my eyes to a simpler way of editing! I loved the learning lesson of “there are many ways for on thing”.

A part of life.

                                                                                                           As We Grow Older

Author Unknown

A little more tired at close of day
A little less anxious to have our way
A little less ready to scold and blame
A little more care of a brother’s name.

Now we are nearing our journey’s end
Where time and eternity meet and end
And so we are traveling down the way
That leads to the gates of a better way.

A little more laughter, a few more tears
And we shall have told our increasing years
The book is closed and our prayers are said
And we become part of the countless dead.

And so we are going where all must go
To a place the living may never know
Thrice happy if then some soul can say
“I’m better because he passed my way.”

interpretation of Poem AS WE GROW OLDER:

Every human being must grow to be who they are born to become. Destinies path is chosen for us, yet we are the ones who are given the choice to decide from different paths. You can decide from being the bad person or being the nicest person. From living our life to the fullest or being depressed in your bed room. As a part of life we are given the choice. The choice of prosper. Every lesson is a learning experience as many say. So absorb every detail and make it yours!